Custom Bolts for Treehouses

Custom Treehouse Bolt

Some professional treehouse builders use custom bolts that they manufacture to carry heavy loads in trees. These bolts are large and strong and not cheap. They often require special tools to install and a little expertise to size and install properly. However, when installed properly, they provide a few unique advantages:

Advantages of Custom Treehouse Bolts:

  1. custom bolts allow the tree more room to grow
  2. they hold higher weights than normal bolts, up to 44,000 lbs each.
  3. they have special treehouse brackets that allow the tree to sway.
Custom Treehouse Bolt

Disadvantages of Custom Treehouse Bolts:

  1. Custom bolts are not easy to install
  2. They are not cheap

Why I used Normal Bolts for my Treehouse

My treehouse was small and the tree was probably not going to live that much longer anyway. It also had decay in the centers of the trunks, so the big custom bolts were not even going to help. But I did look closely at these treehouse bolts and talk with the manufacturer, and they were quite impressive. Perhaps my next treehouse will be a little more ambitious and I'll use TABs and floating brackets for that one. They told me that the super large bolts for treehouses come from Charley Greenwood's engineering shop in Oregon.